Rooted Warfare

The RootedCON official tools arsenal

Rooted Warfare is an ambitious new project that has been born with great enthusiasm and with the intention of being the official RootedCON arsenal of tools, facilitating the exchange of knowledge between members of the security community, including claiming the huge capacity Spanish-speaking professionals.

Although the event takes place annually, we want to build a reference site where people can meet and be informed on the latest news from all the tools we use regularly. For this reason, we will post reviews and tutorials on this official website, where you will be able to also collaborate.

The premises that will keep the event will be:

  • Principle of neutrality: In Rooted Warfare can and may speak and present their ideas members of the security community, students, professionals, businesses, hobbyists, state forces, hackers and, why not, artists and academics.
  • No Commercial : only be accepted accessible for attendees and non-commercial tools.
  • No censorship: While adhere to the limits of legality, content will never be censored and presented with professionalism and rigor needed; we know that our speakers are serious professionals, whose contents deserve to be treated with all respect.
  • Promoting technical knowledge through various presentations made the creators of the tools.